Promoting Angling-Based Conservation across the Himalayas


Volunteer Opportunities

How You Can Get Involved - Join us in the Himalayas!

Himalayan Rivers United believes that there are many effective ways to promote positive change. However, it is our approach to do much of our work on the ground with the people who are most directly affected. Therefore, each year, HRU hosts volunteer visits to our focus areas. Volunteers are responsible for the cost of their travel expenses but HRU will provide all logistics and leadership. By offering this service to our Volunteer Contributors, HRU benefits the indigenous populations in a face-to-face manner that is intended to maximize our impact. If traveling to the Himalayas and connecting with local people in a powerful and meaningful way is attractive to you and your lifepath, join us! For more information, contact us here.

Or make a contribution...

Not everyone has the time or energy to travel around the world on behalf of important non-profit efforts. But you can still make a huge difference! By making a financial contribution, you can help to promote these important issues and affect change in the Himalayas today!



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